Creation year: 2004
Material: new ceramics

“This unique ladle does not sink under water because of the empty ball and handle part. You do not even need to lean the ladle on a pot as well.”

If you think that observing objects in a new aesthetical and functional way gives unexpected joy of the discovery in beauty or function, then you should check some of Seongyong Lee’s projects. His perspective on common objects gives a new meaning in products most people consider as ordinary.


Stackable Dishes
Creation year: 2007
Material: ABS

“There are a lot of apartments in cities owing to the limited space reasons. I compared cities as tables, accommodations as dishes and people as food. As the food on a table is getting more, the dishes are needed to be stacked like apartment.”


Creation year: 2006
Material: glass

“Sometimes observing objects in a new angle gives an unexpected joy of the discovery in beauty or function. ONIV is a work inspired from the shape of a wineglass upside down. In this way, the wineglass newly obtained both beauty and function. “

“The upside down bottom is suitably shaped to put something on. Romantic union is intended by combining a wineglass and a candlestand. If you read ONIV from backwards, you would soon realize where this word originated from.”

Circular Printer

Portable Printer
Creation year: 2003
Material: ABS, acrylic, bronze

New printing system based on the circulating movement of the ink head.

Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), GOLD AWARD (2004 USA)