photo by Marly Gommans

Light Forest by Ontwerpduo is a new system for ceiling lights. What’s known so far as a domestic light system is about to change with this innovating  concept. The design consists of different parts that can be combined and connected at the ceiling. The way Light Forest is designed gives many possibilities at the time of installation and more importantly can be modified at any moment.

photo by Marly Gommans

The great thing is that you can make your light forest “grow”  to the direction you like. One or more light points can be added right where most needed making the whole system flexible and adjustable to any space.  Any obstacles or height differences that would be a problem to a conventional light system turn into an advantage in Light Forest’s case. Due to the fact that is formed by different parts and also the material it is made of, it can take any form and overcome any possible construction restrictions.

Light Forest

commissioned by: Ontwerpduo
type: unlimited product
distribution: Ontwerpduo
material: coated aluminium, copper and PU

photo by Marly Gommans

Ontwerpduo is a young Dutch design duo formed by a  “dreamer and a mathematician”.  Through this strange combination interesting projects come to light, a proof that opposites do attract after all and in many cases turn out to be a powerful mix.  Both designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders  graduated from the Design Academy in 2008.

Ontwerpduo’s studio is based in an old factory hall called ‘The Yard’, a home for about 10 designers. It is a space where ideas and creativity are combined in a unique way, a real “think tank” of design.

Light Forest by Ontwerpduo was presented at imm 2011 at the [D3] Design Talents Contest.