Jordan Warska is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Artist, designer, sculptor and musician his work is characterized by delicate craftmanship and quality. As a violin player since the age of six he has obtained will power and self discipline,  virtues that influenced and helped him develop a unique and different perspective as a visual artist.

The Oculist’s Porthole

The old parts were given new life as they interwove with handcrafted woodwork.  The wooden gears are all made from domestic hardwoods, and nearly 3000 teeth were Cut and Shaped by hand. The process of turning this historic brewery salvage into functional kinetic sculpture made it what it is today — a Relevant and Reverent Ode to the craft process and to Milwaukee’s rich brewing History.

The Ographer’s Sundial

Time Siphon

Jordan Waraksa  graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design with a BFA in Sculpture, and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a BA degree in music. Having pursued fine art and music educations simultaneously throughout his life, Jordan crosses and combines mediums – this can be seen in his sound sculpture, kinetic installations, furniture/ interior design, and short films, which feature hand crafted puppets and original soundtracks.


Thinking Table

A unique piece of recycled furniture. All the wood used is “cut-off” salvaged from dumpsters of local lumber mills. The old sewing machine base spins its wheel through the table top. African mahogany, walnut, poplar, purple heart, mahogany, pine, cherry 24W x 36L x 18H.

photo by Nathaniel Davauer