Munken Cube

The German Furniture Design brand e15 and natural manufacturer Arctic Paper, two companies which share the same design cooperated in order to create a deformable concept furniture. A cube that changes shapes and forms, a multitalented object of many faces. The Munken Cube consists of a 6 cm thick solid oak base and 2200 sheets of high quality 120g Munken paper. The two materials combined together form a 43cm high pad that can be twisted.

E15 is an international interior brand in the premium segment. Modern, timeless design, specially selected materials and high quality manufacturing are the brand’s most important characteristics. The focus is on reduced, modern designs and selected materials that clearly take an honest, pure stance and yet convey effortlessness. The geometry of the designs underlines the quality and function of the material, while considered details transmit an unforced elegance.
In cooperation with architects, artists and designers whose aesthetics are in line with e15’s philosophy, the brand de-velops a collection, which with a reduced, modern design at once offers functionality and comfort. Thus multifunctional, archetypal pieces of furniture are created which are suitable for almost every environment and add to a calm atmos-phere. The sophisticated, unimposing designs contribute significantly to the composition of a personal space.

For the Swedish paper manufacturer Arctic Paper the environment has a high significance. The factory in the Swedish town Munkedal for example today only requires three litres of water to produce one kilogram of paper. With that Munkedal is a world leader. The average use in other paper factories lies at 10 to 15 litres per kilogram.
In the 1980s Arctic Paper started to clean its process water with the help of biochemical processes and in the 1990s Arctic Paper was leading in the production of paper on the basis of chlorine-free blanched celluloses.
All Munken papers are available with the environment label FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). This certificate is an international standard, which guarantees that the cellulose comes from sustainably farmed woods.
In the Munken Cube the paper quality Munken Pure Rough 120 g/m² – FSC certified – is used.

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Munken Cube is a piece of furniture that can be used at your own convenience; the 2200 shεets of paper provide stability making the cube ideal as a stool where you can sit on. If you change up your mind and decide to use it as a  table you won’t be disappointed. The one-sided glueing of the paper ensures that the Munken Cube retains its form. You can actually note your best ideas on it and detach every sheet form the stack.


Height : 50 cm
Length, Width : 33 cm x 33 cm
Paper : Munken Pure Rough, 120 g/m2 (2.200 Sheet)
Base : European oak, lacquered
Weight : 45 kg
Concept :