When does 1+1+1 equal more than 3? When Richardson (RICH), Brill (BRILLIANT) and Williams (WILLING) put their talent together and create new perspectives in the design world. RBW is a Manhattan-based studio that was named among the top 40 emerging designer studios by I.D. Magazine in January 2009. How did they manage to be so famous in such a short time? By combining their different points of view; 3 talented designers, each one specializing in different fields. Their intention is to reinvent materials and create objects with a fresh perspective. Rich fantasy, Brilliant ideas, Willing to offer beautiful projects. That’s RBW.

excel floor lamp

Clinker Coffee Table – matryoshka

Founded in 2007, Rich Brilliant Willing is an internationally renowned design studio and one of the most exciting firms currently working in the United States. They consult for an international clientele, including SCP, Innermost, Artecnica, Areaware and Urban Outfitters as well as produce a self-branded collection of furniture and lighting. Designing at various scales from packaging & products to interior spaces and installations, their methodology is evident in all their work. With a combination of technical sophistication and old-fashioned sleight of hand, they appropriate existing components and strategically rethink them. The moniker Rich Brilliant Willing, is exemplary of this process; re-imagining what was there to begin with: Theo Richardson, Charles Brill, Alexander Williams.

Excel Chandelier

excel perch

RBW Work Light

Rich Brilliant Willing was named among the “Top 40” designers by I.D. magazine in January 2009 and named an Avant Guardian by Surface magazine in November of the same year. With recent publication in Wallpaper*, FRAME and multiple appearances in The New York Times their notoriety continues to grow.

Russian Doll table

originally published on yatzer by Pascal Panagiotidis