Sheik club- the project: to design and construct a sheik club for the ‘vip’s’ of the Cannes film festival with a prohibitively low budget.

The strategy before arriving:  recuperate furniture from the street, detritus, remnants other venues had deemed unfit for the swarm of visitors about to arrive.. chop the furniture, piece it together in incongruous ways,  embed usable elements in plaster using pallets as bases.  Hunting the pallets became a ritual.. loading the rental car with old chairs, mirrors and pallets was like a game of survival, an endless foray through the twisting streets of the cote d’azur.

At the end the project was a success… Parties were held, stars sat on the fake grass covered pallets of the patio, ignorance was bliss.

Mut Architecture for this project included Leo Morand, John Mascaro, Arnaud Depeyre, Michel Lecerf, Arnaud de Fortis and Emilie Gramain.