Design series “La Clinica” is a collection of hand crafted furniture produced by local artisans in Madrid, based on natural materials and low-tech production process. All pieces are made out of pine wood, are completely dismountable for better shipping and storage. “La Clinica” was born as a research project exploring new design configurations to recover or modify ready-made and old objects.



The idea resulted from the need of Negrini Company for high quality pictures of its products without overspending on still life photo features. The project consists in a piece of furniture containing a complete photo set, combined with a series of training stages of basic photographic knowledge to be held within the company. The piece itself is a simple two-wheel box trolley obtained from the company’s shipping wood boxes. Inside it can accommodate all the elements necessary for a complete photographic set: background, lights, tripods, cables, umbrellas. In the meantime a container and a worktop for the set assembly.


Hand crafted chart for Lungi collection re-appropriating objects and situations from everyday life. The project was designed for the Lungi collection which questions about sustainability encouraging artisans and communities to continue their age-old crafts. The collection sources lungis, a traditional Tamil Nadu 2 meters long fabric from South India.

Text by Kavita Parmar
Many have travelled far and wide in search of words to define themselves, to try to find their inner selves, to connect with the universe. We found our epiphany on a man walking with an elephant.  Wrapped around his bare legs was a 2 meter long hand-woven cloth that fascinated us. The locals called it lungi Age old, handmade, humble, simple yet beautiful.  Each one was different, unique. ¨To each man his own¨ they said.

Ciszak Dalmas is a young Madrid and Turin – based studio, co-founded in 2009 by industrial designers Alberto Gobbino Ciszak and Andrea Caruso Dalmas. After graduation from the Politecnico of Turin, they joined different design firms such as Inga Sempé in Paris, Artemide in Milan, Brh+ and Pininfarina in Turin. They completed the European Design Labs Master in 2007 in Madrid, taking part in design workshops directed by international designers and firms (El Ultimo Grito, Jaime Hayon, Irma Boom, Ikea, Metalarte, Camper and Vitra). They have been awarded with the first prize of Creación Joven award 2010, promoted by Injuve, all projects were exhibited at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. In 2010 Ciszak Dalmas launch the design series “La Clinica”, a collection of hand crafted furniture produced by local artisans in Madrid, based on natural materials and low-tech production process. Their work has been mentioned in various publications and online magazines such as El Pais, Ottagono, Pasajes Diseño, Dezeen, Interni among others, and it has been exhibited in design shows in Milan, Turin, Valencia and Hong Kong.