Son of potters, Xavier Mañosa grew up surrounded by clay, lathes and furnaces. After studying industrial design and designing in Barcelona, he moved to Berlin where he had the idea for Apparatu. Apparatu is a studio, a family business and a pottery workshop in Barcelona. Based on self-production, a space being defined for each project, work that is between the world of crafts and industry.

Skate fails

A collection of ceramic skate fails, our third project togheter with Alex Trochut.

Material: ceramic, glaze, silver, gold, aluminum
Dimensions: various
Heigest: 38 cm

Fractal stool

Is an upholstered furniture made out of two parts. The upper part is a soft cushion build out of foam which follows the extreme contours of the ceramic base part. When put together the chaotic polygonal structures build a strong union which makes the stool usable.

Material: ceramic, expansive foam

Dimensions: 34 x 50 cm

Spaghetti western

John O’Connor, 3rd prop-maker on the blockbusters The Cactus Whisperer and The One Shoe Kid explains:

After 20 years of creating cactuses for film sets, I decided to create my own ceramic western range for home enjoyment!

Materials: ceramic, glaze

Dimensions: 16 x 54 cm Large: 30 x 70 cm


Olé! is an explosion of mercury over current Spanish design. A look at design through a microscope, a change of scale which brings us closer to the boundaries betweens design and crafts. Mercury is a popular element, a liquid metal with unique properties. Apparatu and Alex Trochut have created this installation interpreting, in mercury, the group work of RED. Fragments of mercury which break up but still maintain a magnetic solidness.

Material: ceramic, glaze, silver

Dimensions: various

Category: exhibition

Pleat box

The box pleat series is a collection of 3 lamps simulating a textile silhouette with ceramic. The fall of a box pleat was digitally simulated and then assigned into different lamp shades

Material: ceramic, glaze, silver
Category: unlimited production


Is a vases collection inspired by architecture. Transfer the three wall components, plinth, wall and cornice to the vase surfaces, bottom, body and neck. The result is a collection of different vases where the bottom could be turned wood (plinth), the body is covered in wallpaper (wall) and the neck make it with plaster (cornice), translating the handicraft process and the builder work.

Material: ceramic, wallpaper, wood, concrete, glaze, paint wall
Dimensions: various
Heigest: 38 cm


It’s smooth, organic, a household pet with flowers that only need care and water because the daily morning milk comes from the cow! It’s a tribute to the cow without methane. For the milk. For the freedom of the Cow!

Material: ceramic, glaze
Dimensions: 28 x 35 cm Large: 32 x 45 cm
Category: unlimited production


To successfully make half the planet wear an ugly jacket is no small task, for that reason not to mention the blandness of raincoats, our sleeve vase is a homage to the ugliest jacket in the world.

Material: ceramic, glaze, silver, gold, ceramic printing
Dimensions: 18 x 50 cm
Scotch club 

Scotch club

Is a ceramic spotlight, which can be placed in different positions. The huge amount of facettes enables the user to adjust the light in any direction he wishes. When used as a ceiling light, the faces are reflecting the surrounding area.

Material: ceramic, glaze, gold


Design: Alex Trochut & Xavier Mañosa