Coffee gives energy and get many people going in the morning but in case of Note Design Studio team there have been some serious “side effects”. So one morning -over a cup of coffee- they decided to let go of all ideas about strategy and start playing. Going through their laptops they started paying attention to all these sketches in the margin, details that usually pass unnoticed. Was the morning cup of coffee to blame? Well, who knows?

The thing is that the team felt in love with these scribbles and they decided to turned all these prototypes into an exhibition. Lucky us!




The tidal range is the vertical difference between the high tide and the succeeding low tide. Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth. The shelves in these two floating pieces of furniture mark the tidal ranges of the Strait of Magellan, the calmer Pacific versus the more dramatic Atlantic.


TEMBO – high table and stool

Tembo is Swahili for elephant. When elephants walk, they always have at least one foot on the ground. They don’t run. Because of their straight legs and large pad-like feet elephants can stand for very long periods of time without getting tired. Just like our table and stool.



Note is a Stockholm–based design studio founded in 2008. Their philosophy is that design is an essential part of their time and also a way to be noticed, to sell and to evolve. Note Design Studio develops ideas, design concepts and branding strategies. Their work includes various projects from packaging and products to interiors and installations.

Note Design Studio create innovations and new business opportunities by using design.


Anna Roos: Architect

Anna Lovehed: Interior Architect

Alexis Holmqvist: AD / Graphic Designer

Cristiano Pigazzini: CEO / Project Manager

Jon Eliason: Creative Director / Brand Manager

Johannes Carlström: Interior Architect

Kristoffer Fagerström: Product Designer

Susanna WÃ¥hlin: Interior Architect /Artist

Lisa Notman: Interior Architect

Mattias Särnholm: Production Manager


The Diomede Islands are located in the middle of the Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberia, and their awkward man-made separation inspired us. The islands are sometimes called Tomorrow Island (Big Diomede, Russian territory) and Yesterday Island (Little Diomede, U.S. territory) because the time difference between them is 20 hours, but the distance only three kilometers.



BOOP  – sofa, chair and lounge chair

1. boop: The mystery of the boop shall never be revealed. But when saying “Boop” you must poke a random person on the nose.

2. boop: To poke an animal or something cute on the nose.


All photos taken by Mathias Nero