The philosophy behind Michael Kampe is to show up new directions in Street and Denimwear far from mass-market production, focussed on an individual, single piece. To achieve this, a unique production technique has been developed, ranging from deconstructing classical pattern to mixing different materials, all-over digital printing, modern art influenced patchwork construction of garments. To offer an unique product, the pieces are completely hand-made with individual treatment. This independent young label Michael Kampe is directed towards customers who are more „collectors“ than consumers.

Michael Kampe was inspired by artists such as Lebbeus Woods and bodyarchitects like Lucy McRae. Using all-over prints Michael developed Urbanwear on the edge to wearable art and couture, always referring to classical pieces that are twisted, broken, shuffled and new rearranged. As in his favourite displaying technique exploded view he questions a garment`s composition, the way it is finished and the fit. To fragment the known is his way to revolt against Menswear`s rules.

The concept for this collection is influenced by the changes of global societies triggered by elements such as internet and new media in a never before experienced speed and dynamic. This explosive development and defragmentation Michael captured in this collection. His intention is to show up new directions in Menswear for instance how a garment is constructed, what materials he used and mixed with each other and how architectural shapes can symbiose with the human body. It is very important to the designer that especially in Menswear the wearer does not look goofy or like in a costume although most of the people would call them not wearable. This is not the image of a man that he wants to create. Therefore all pieces are referring to Menswear classics like Trenchcoat, Perfecto and Tuxedo, but extremely abstracted to create innovative garments.

Michael Kampe’s collection will be presented during 4Fashionshake III Days by Ozon Raw mag.


Michael Kampe


Michael Kampe was born in Hamburg and grew up in Berlin. He is not identified as a fashion designer and this is what he want to represent: The product comes first!

Michael Kampe has recently graduated from The Royal Academy of Antwerp; he lives and works in Italy and Berlin. Michael`s starting point were different techniques of displaying a product`s composition and how new shapes, cuts and material-treatments /mixes can be developed by deconstructing classical garments. Therefore he was inspired by artists such as Lebbeus Woods and bodyarchitects like Lucy McRae.

Michael Kampe won the ITS#9 Diesel Award.