PRODUCTPLUS project is exploring the area beyond usual perception of the design problems.

PLUS as an awareness of hidden burden that every product casts in the environment from its inception to its end; the shadow of wasted energy and pollution. Seemingly harmless product could have a very dark shadow.

PLUS as understanding that space = value. Design object should have a quality to deserve a space occupied.

PLUS as design intentionally left unfinished. The user finishes design and gives a design object a character.

PLUS as a play; always and everywhere. Designer is inscribing the code of the play into the object, by opening possibilities, creation of meaning, ideas…

PLUS as design object demystified. No designer’s vanity! Goal is benefit, not profit.


Merz, coat hanger by Andrea Krivanek

Instead of a hanger hooks designer made holes. Choose your own hanger hook; there is always something you can use.

Finding objects that fit in those holes like lost pieces of puzzle becomes a game that never ends, and the hanger is no longer just a functional object but also a reflection of our attitude, emotions or momentary mood. Instead of hooks, anything can be used: a pencil, brush, fork, rolled paper… There are plenty of possibilities.

Nerimana Narda Niksic

Heat&hang, radiator/coat hanger

Space = value

Nerimana Narda Niksic

Pumpkin futon/ tabouret

Futon can easily be folded into a tabouret.

Space = value

Adisa Vatres

Play, shelf

Form of adjustable shelf is created by user


Neira Sinanbasic

moi toi, hanger

Flexible hanger that can be used in many different ways. Flexibility of the object suggests play



Academy of Fine Arts, Sarajevo

Product Design Department


Lecturers in charge of a project

Professor Salih Teskeredzic, M.Des

Associate Professor Jasna Mujkic, M.Des


Students – Authors of the project:

Marina Busic, Anida Kapo, Andrea Krivanek, Nevena Nikolic, Nerimana Narda Niksic, Altijana Salispahic, Harun Salkanovic, Neira Sinanbasic, Emina Sulejmani, Sabina Talovic, Adisa Vatres