Whether you name him a fashion designer, sculptor or artist, Rowan Mersh is a rather unusual case. Through his sculptural designs, Rowan Mersh experiments with various forms adding an architectural twist to his creations. Perfectly tailored, strong and intelligent his work is just astonishing.

Fabric Sculpture Series 1 , Genetic structures

Our environment, the people we meet, the places we visit, the music we listen to, etc, are what make us who we are. Series 1 was derived from this notion, examining aspects within my own environment that shape me. Utilizing objects such as coins collected on my travels, my C.D. and vinyl collection, a compilation of signatures from people in passing, to the literal interpretation of DNA structure, sculptural forms were constructed, encompassing these objects within fabric. The objects themselves become obsolete; subsiding to their affiliation with the fabric and the geometric landscapes they create. The body is fundamentally a three dimensional form or space thus can be treated so in the installation of a sculpture. Whether installed in an interior space or on the female form, it is the creation of an affiliation between sculpture and the space it occupies, that determines the sub-sequential image or documentation of the work.

Fabric Sculpture Series 2, External Tumours

Fundamentally tumours are caused by an accumulation of mutations within the DNA of cells that lead to their uncontrolled division, and subsequently the abnormal growth of tissue. Series 2 was primarily derived from notions from such cell mutations. Items such as defaced coins, C.D.’s containing corrupted data and irreparably scratched vinyls were encompassed within fabric. My resulting desire was such that the sculptures themselves appear as an integral part of the female form, irreparably distorting the physical appearance; As External Tumours their application to the body seamless, as if they were bound, grown and shaped by time.

Untitled 07

Abstract Fabric Sculpture, commissioned by Dickson Russell Art Management for the atrium of Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Untitled 07 measures 15 meters in length when fully extended, and is constructed from knitted stretch jersey and wooden discs.

Future Landscapes

A series of twelve wall based canvases (90cm x 90cm) created utilizing a self-developed technique to permanently form any given fabric into any given shape. Molds for the canvases were created from adapted Ikea products such as a bed, table and a chair cut into sections, with the intention of creating a paradox between the mass produced and the uniquely hand crafted.

Untitled 08

Abstract Fabric Sculpture commissioned by The Crafts Council for Somerset House, London. An exploration into the utilization of a variety of stretch fabric combinations.

Invisible Boundaries

A site-specific installation derived from the exploration of a derelict space in West London. I sought to challenge the notion of invisible boundaries created by passages of light and shadow within this broken environment. Over one hundred and fifty miles of cotton thread was used, strung between points of structural relevance, physically plotting paths of light and shadow throughout the course of the day. The result is the evolution of an alternative architectural landscape.



Sources: www.rowanmersh.com


Rowan Mersh


Rowan Mersh is a textile based sculptor who explores form and fuses concept with technique, emphasizing experimentation as the focus of his practice. A celebrated graduate of the Royal College of Art, Mersh has developed a unique aesthetic, which is at once obvious upon encounter of his various sculptural forms, whether it be textiles, sculpture or any other experimental agenda in which he embarks.