Sorte is centrally located in a quite convenient place next to Tokyo’s main traffic road. Based on the client’s request, the building is a multi level structure designed to accommodate 5 guests with the first floor underground and the rest above the ground floor.  The location where the building is situated and the multi dimension form of the structure are the reasons that Sorte’s beauty is not revealed at first sight.

The approach from the west side does not allow the visitor to fully estimate every aspect of the building due to the narrow prospect. The entire project and its architectural lines can be admired and fully understood only from a closer approach. On the contrary a long distance 3 point perspective is possible from the east side thanks to the open space around the building.

The area and the plan of all units are different. Each unit has been designed on a 3D dimension approach transforming a loose parallelogram to a Multifunctional building facades. The form ensures the privacy of the owners as it can not be easily understood from the outside which unit corresponds to the living room or any other parts of the building. The “dialogue” with the exterior is secured through windows of different sizes and a big opening is created on the top of the building serving also as a terrace.

As Junichi Sampei states “ When shape is designed only by a single element , only the meaning is remarkable. Then elements of consideration to securing the parking space, the lighting, the view etc. were reduced to the slash. And a three dimensional form was studied. I think that such a three dimensional house of terrace style becomes a method of raising the quality of living by construction in a high density residential area”.

photos by Koichi Torimura



Sorte House

Architects : SAMPEI-Jun.ichi/A.L.X.

Structral engineers:Kume Structural Research & Development Office

Location: Tokyo Japan

Structure: Reinforced concrete

Maximum height10,900mm

Site area: 110.26m2

Built area: 63.00m2

Total floor area: 210.75m2

Underground floor area:40.00m2

1st floor area: 50.56m2

2nd floor area: 46.00m2

3rd floor area: 60.74m2

4th floor area 13.41m2