Damien Blottiere is much more than a talented photographer. He has a unique style that could be described as a combination of collage and photography, a method that makes his work so distinguishable, so special. An ode to the human body which is transformed through a “cut and paste” process into extraordinary, breath taking images. Creative and inspiring, definitely a work of art!

How did you start photography? What made you become a photographer?

I’ve always been interested in images. I’ve started to play with a camera when I was very young. I was fascinated by my father’s little analog camera which seemed so complicate to use to me at that time. Later, I’ve started to buy fashion magazines as well as, secretly, vintage porn publications (the best way I found then to look at bodies). I was looking at them for hours.Years after, I had the chance to meet talented photographers. Looking at them working I’ve started thinking: “this is what I really want to do!¨ But I don’t really consider myself as a photographer. I feel I make images by hands more than taking pictures.

You have a very particular, unique style. How would you describe it?

It’s about collages even if the final result is a photography. It’s also about bodies. Unique, I don’t know but personal probably. I’ve always been fascinated by bodies. I love the human body, every types, and I try to go underneath. I’m not the one who is looking at subjects, I would prefer to go in them, pushing their limits through the collage process. I try to turn a reality into my own fantasy, making it mine.


Would you like to tell us about your techniques?

I follow the skin, the clothes, the bones, the muscles, the shape of face and body parts, all the silhouette aspects.
I need to be alone and let my hands start to do their work. It’s happening between the subject images and I. I try to translate or sum up  what the subject told me or what I wish he could tell.

What inspires you?

My subjects.
How does your job as an artist influence your life?

It’s about being alone most of the time.



Damien Blottiere


Damien Blottiere studied Fashion at the parisian Art School Duperre. Always interested in images and photography, he worked first as fashion editor for Mixte, Purple Fashion and Dazed&Confused until he decided to d3evote himself entirely to photography. He plays with imags and creates a universe for the models or the objects by building “hand made” set or collages looking like animals, flowers or surrealistic sculptures which are an open window to the childhood and his own world of magic fantasy. He collaborates closely with Bernhard Willhelm and has also worked for different brands such as Pierre Hardy, Paule Ka, Stella Mc Cartney, Carven and international magazines.

Source: www.artlistparis.com