Art and design always went hand in hand but there was not a market place for this. That’s the reason why we started Object Rotterdam next to Art Rotterdam. Also to show the cutting edge between the two. A lot of international art collectors who are coming to Art Rotterdam also collect design and appreciate the fair highly. The combination with Art Rotterdam gives also a broader experience to the visitors. However design is very connected to art, you still step in a completely different world with a different language, approach and canon.

Fons Hof, director of both Art & Object Rotterdam

Kiki van Eijk / Floating Frames / Vivid gallery

Photo: Mariëlle Leenders


Joost van Bleiswijk / screw no glue rough/ Vivid gallery

photo: Yves Krol

VIVID Gallery

Situated in the centre of Rotterdam Saskia Copper and Aad Krol started in 1999 VIVID Gallery. VIVID organizes six exhibitions each year on contemporary design. Solo exhibitions presented designers such as Hella Jongerius, Jurgen Bey, Richard Hutten, Wieki Somers, Studio Job, Ineke Hans, Studio Glithero, Atelier van Lieshout and Jaime Hayon. Once a year a VIVID exhibition is devoted to a single designer from the past, who’s work is inspiring and influential both for present and future generations. Examples are, Joe Colombo, Kho Liang Ie, Wim Crouwel, Centre for Cubic Constructions and Ettore Sottsass. Over the past 10 years Dutch designers have become established names and several new Dutch design classics were first shown in the VIVID Gallery. The gallery maintains a strong relation with Dutch designers, but at the same time its scope remains truly international.


Merel Karhof/Zuiderzeemuseum

Photo: Maarten Schets

Richard Hutten/Zuiderzeemuseum

Photo: Maarten Schets

Zuiderzee Museum

The Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen focuses on the art, culture and heritage of the region around the former Zuiderzee and the present and future IJsselmeer region. The Museum has an international allure and attracts visitors from many countries because of its activities, signature approach and forms of co-operation.

Walter van Beirendonck/ Fck the Fragrance/Gallery Zand

Photo: courtesy GALERIE ZAND

Galerie Zand

Galerie “ZAND” is a young and ambitious gallery. It concentrates on presenting contemporary visual art. Whereever possible it explores the interfaces between visual art and disciplines as design, fashion, architecture and photography. “ZAND” likes the friction between these elements; the ‘sanding’ between these disciplines

Aldo Bakker/copper collection

Photo: courtesy by Thomas Eyck

Thomas Eyck

Thomas Eyck is a publisher and distributer of characteristic and exclusive contemporary design products. Keywords in the philosophy off his company are: care, attention and love for material, technique and design. Thomas Eyck works together with designers of his own choice. In his view the union of design and material, and a careful process of product development from the first idea until the ‘finishing touch’ are very important. The collection of  Thomas Eyck will develop slowly by commissioning one carefully chosen designer to design a series of products each year. Material and techniques will be chosen with the utmost care, and the company will only cooperate with the best craftsmen and producers. In this way series of products in different materials will be created.

Carolina Wilcke/4D Cabinet for Priveekollektie 2010

Wouter Scheublin/ToyCar for Priveekollektie 2010

Photos: Courtesy of Priveekollektie

Priveekollektie/Gallery OR2010

Photo: Jelle Mollema

Studio Makkink & Bey/Gallery Helmrinderknecht

Photo: Gallery Helmrinderknecht

Gallery Helmrinderknecht

HELMRINDERKNECHT contemporary design gallery stands for contemporary design at the interface of art and design. The Berlin based gallery symbolizes great passion in material, solid handcraft, vision and complexity in creation and a poetical approach to it. Art and design is unterstood as mutually inspiring and enriching creative fields to guide form, function and content. HELMRINDERKNECHT creates solo- and group shows with national and international designers in constantly changing new and exciting locations in Berlin as well as in other cities and countries. Prototypes, models, unique pieces, installations and limited editions in small numbers are exhibited, most of them exclusively available at HELMRINDERKNECHT.


Studio Makkink & Bey / commissioner: Mitterrand+Cramer

Photo: Claude Cortinovis

Studio Maarten Baas / Grey Derivations / Mitterrand + Cramer

Photos: Courtesy Mitterrand+Cramer Gallery/ Design

ArikLevy/Mitterrand + Cramer

Photo: courtesy Mitterrand + Cramer Gallery

Tom Dixon/Candle Holder/Mitterrand + Cramer

Tom Dixon/Cast Series – Chair/Mitterrand + Cramer

Frank Tjepkema for Galerie Ra

Photo: Jelle Mollema

Scholten Baijings for Total Table Design project

Photo: Jelle Mollema

Rabih Hage Gallery OR2010

Photo: Jelle Mollema




Object Rotterdam is the official side fair of Art Rotterdam and was held in the Las Palmas building opposite to Art Rotterdam during 10-13 February 2011. Object Rotterdam is the international fair for ‘autonomous design’ and the first fair in the world that focuses exclusively on the most current developments within autonomous design. The fair is a platform for the latest designs of unique or limited edition functional objects by international designers. In short: the place where the cutting edge between art and design becomes evident.

Object Rotterdam
Postbus 24199 
3007 DD Rotterdam
The Netherlands