A Trojan Horse has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or space. What about a trojan house? What is the select force hidden inside? Jackson Clements Burrows architects unveil a living place, a house anything but ordinary.

This alterations and additions project is about a house that engages with childhood in a playful way, that reconciles the programmatic requirements of a growing family with an unexpected sculptural response. The concept is a notion of a Trojan house as a metaphor for the chaos of family life that occurred inside before the children were unleashed in the back garden on the unsuspecting residents of the neighbouring flats, trying to enjoy their Sunday morning sleep-in.

The outside part of the house looks line a second skin that keeps every detail of the inside well hidden providing privacy to the owners. A compact structure with shutters covered windows that can’t be detected at a first glance ensure the entrance of the natural light into the house.



Trojan House


Hawthorn, Melbourne
Jackson Clements Burrows
Project Team
Project architect: Joachim Quino Holland
Design architects: , Graham Burrows, Jon Clements, Timothy Jackson
Structural consultant: Bruce Adams – Adams Consulting Engineers
Landscape consultant: Libby Mercer – Adlib Design
Builder: Central Home Constructions Pty Ltd.
Photographer: John Clements, Emma cross
Building surveyor: Anthony Middling and Associates Building Surveyors