In response to the question “can food be art?”  the answer is yes! Thanks to famous chefs’ inspirational cooking Haute cuisine can be considered as an art. Whether you agree or not, the Breederfeeder project gives you the opportunity to exlpore the art of cuisine and answer to the above question yourself. Breder Feeder invites you to taste original, revolutionary cooking by famous chefs in Breeder gallery, a must-visit place either you are “hungry” for art or food.

Just like Greece is a collage between the glorious, and somewhat virtual ancient past, and the live real present the Breeder Feeder space is furnished with the collage of two different restaurants. One restaurant is made up from a modular seating system of white orthogonal elements, which reference the systematic modularity of the white marble parts of an ancient Greek building. The other restaurant is made up of used, slightly rustic furniture from the 70’s and 80s, found on the street and in surrounding junkyards.

Inside the Breeder project space, the two restaurants are cut and pasted together. A used table is divided into five parts, and the parts intersect the white modular seating system to support tables or complete seating. Wooden rustic chairs are cut into two, and sit on plinths as fragments on exhibit, while still used to sit on. Whatever is left over gets reused in a continuous collage between the two systems, between the ideal white system and the haphazard accumulation of found furniture. The two systems are joined together with shiny hardware, and together they are re-used: chairs become benches, tables extend to become columns, new seats are born from old, and richly woven traditional fabrics are laid on glossy white surfaces, in an architecture that combines what we imagine with what is actually there, at the joining of the virtual and the real.

Text by Andreas Angelidakis