The philosophy behind the Foundry Collection is the merging of creative vision and artisan skills in an attempt to design furniture with character and soul. Working with materials known for their longevity, Foundry manages to design pieces that can be current even in the context of tomorrow.


Clown Noses by Tomas Kral

The inspiration of the typical clown nose brings a little humor into the objecys we use every day. This series of simple and playful ceramic storage vessels and carafes, inspired by the typical red clown nose, is a symbol of joy. The coloured elastic thread allows one to stretch the cork “nose” for access.

Loppa lamp by Florian Hauswirth

Loppa is a pendant lamp that surrounds the light much like an envelope enclosing a letter. The paper sculpture supports the form and difuses the light, giving a warm glow to the atmosphere.

Tuca-Tuca table lamp by Elia Mangia

Tuca-Tuca lamp is a LED lamp with a wood stem and a metal lampshade supported by a T pedestal. The light is warm with a soft glow reflected off the netural wood texture. It closes elegantly as the metal lampshade resides in the sculpted wood stem. Tuca-Tuca exudes a spirit of playfulness, adding a dash of humour to the home.

Capa Desk by Reinhard Dienes

Capa ( means layer in Spanish) is a visual composition of coloures and textures to redefine the archetype of  the writing desk.

Moon tables by Ana Kras & Petar Savic


Foundry Collection


Foundry as a supporter of understated elegance believes in the unwavering devotion to detail and pared-down simplicity. Foundry always wanted to work with people who share this philosophy so after a converstation with the members of Outofstock in 2009 more and more designers were added to the fold.  Working cloder with the designers, Foundry made its debut in IMM Cologne 2010. All products are envisioned by design talents across the globe and made by the finest craftsmen from Singapore and Malaysia .