NewspaperWood – photo by Merel van Beukering

The layers of paper appear like lines of a wood grain or the rings of a tree …
by designlabel Vij5

During her study at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2003, Mieke Meijer devised a solution to use this surplus of paper into a renewed material: NewspaperWood. NewspaperWood shows a reversing of a traditional production process; not from wood to paper, but the other way around. When a NewspaperWood log is cut, the layers of paper appear like lines of a wood grain or the rings of a tree and therefore resembles the aesthetic of real wood. The material can be cut, milled and sanded and generally treated like any other type of wood.

Press to open – NewspaperWood cabinet by Floris Hovers

An obvious association with newspapers is the printing technique itself. It is a prerequisite for the existence of high-circulation newspapers. In a visual and suggestive style, Floris has reduced the atmosphere of printing presses and letter trays to a small cabinet. The cabinet can be opened in an unconventional way by a simple movement.

Reading lightNewspaperWood lamp by Christian Kocx

Christian combines technique and functionality withNewspaperWood: a reading light and newspaper holder all in one. The light switches on as soon as the rolled up newspaper is removed, allowing it to be read conveniently. When the newspaper has been put back into place, the light will switch off.

From A to Z – NewspaperWood desk by Greetje van Tiem

The newspaper: a report of facts and events, which can be decomposed into images and characters. For Newspaper- Wood, Greetje has zoomed in on these characters. She analysed the alphabet and simplified it into abstracted forms. Fragmented, they now form drawer handles in a desk that facilitates working on an own history.

Framed – NewspaperWood cupboard by Breg Hanssen

Breg was fascinated especially by the indeterminable but distinct colour of the NewspaperWood material. To emphasize this quality he decided to incorporate NewspaperWood into a piece of furniture by combining it with
contrasting colours. This resulted in a series of distinctive cupboards, characterized  by a sound and finely detailed

Display Cabinet – NewspaperWood cabinet by rENs

The Display Cabinet emerged from the drawers, being a characteristic element of a filing cabinet. The shape of the cabinet focuses on these drawers: placed in an open framework, a new functional space arises to store and simultaneously exhibit its content.

Sample series – NewspaperWood jewelry by rENs

Stories from one newspaper, one day, processed into one material. Embedded in brass, a small part of the archive becomes wearable as jewellery. Taking a closer look, characters or sometimes even words appear!

United – NewspaperWood stool by Tessa Kuyvenhoven

Tessa connects nature and culture by letting NewspaperWood ‘grow’ around a tree trunk. Taking advantage of a wood turning technique, the visual qualities and similarity of both materials are fully expressed, creating an exciting

Paper Frames – NewspaperWood frames by Ontwerpduo

To symbolize the bark of a tree, Ontwerpduo covered the NewspaperWood with a thin layer of coloured paper. They intended to augment the NewspaperWood rather than to supplement it with an extra material. All employed paper
colours are reflected in the growth rings of the Newspaper- Wood itself. A series of small frames, to exhibit your finest, smallest or most exclusive objects.




Vij5 is a Dutch designlabel, specialised in interior products characterized by simplicity and the use of existing elements. Its young founders Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst design the majority of the product collection, but next to that they actively seek collaboration with other young designers to broaden their collection. Because Arjan and Anieke control all processes of each product from a designer’s perspective, the brand has a very personal style and high quality standards.