Strek Design Collective is a collaboration of four students who decided to join forces and work together. A decision which gave them the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and learn about each other. The outcome of this collective action are original, inspirational products revealing the new generation of  scandinavian design.



Hola Bandola is a serie of cabinets, Ohh, Ahh and Ehh. The goal and intention with these cabinets was to create characters in the objects by using simple aids. The carvings and the placement of the circles will create different expression and identities in the products. The intention is the objects to interact with the user.

OTO is a coffee pot made of stainless steel and oak. The geometrical shapes are divided by high contrast in materials, which highlight function and method of use. The placing of the handle is inspired by old coffeemakers, when it was important to distance the hand from fire and heat.

Circus is a extension of the VHS-concept meant for living room. The cold aluminum is replaced by warm oak.

The vases and carafes has strong expressions, and a whole family of characters was created. Humor has been an important inspiration in this work.

W1 and W2 is a lamp series in which all parts are hand turned. The lamp is made of birch and the cable consisting of textile cable. W1 is a reading lamp where all parts are put together with simple joints. W2 is a small pendant lamp.

RAK is a café chair made of birch and steel, using traditional craftsmanship techniques for wood combined with an industrial feeling. The chair consists of only five different parts, making it easy to produce.


Strek Design Collective


Strek Design Collective started in 2008 as a collaboration project. The four fellow students from the product design program at Akershus University College, got to know each other early in their studies and explore the benefits of working in a collective. By sharing common interests in culture and design they succeeded in creating a good
working relationship, where ideas and opinions could be shared. With different geographical backgrounds in Norway, they were gathered in Oslo and operate their cooperation there. The four members Jørgen Platou Willumsen, Fredrik Wærnes, Stian Korntved Ruud and Nicolai Gulliksen use their different qualities deliberately to complement each other and cover a wide range of designs. The collective is intended as a common way to promote its members as individual designers.