Kinetic ideas turned into design toys? If you think design is a serious job then you should check out Laikingland‘s creations. Beautifully crafted kinetic objects that evoke a sense of play and invite you to become a child again and discover that design can be a joyful experience.

Lady Killer Vol.1 by Atelier Ted Noten with Laikingland

Conventionally a jewellery box is a special container for storing your prized possessions, it’s often decorated and contains several sections. “Lady Killer Vol.1” is certainly a special container, it has a boxy form that houses jewellery and is adorned with carefully crafted decoration, and it even has upper and lower compartments. But “Lady Killer Vol.1” by Atelier Ted Noten with Laikingland is not a conventional jewellery box; it pokes a sturdy robotic finger in the face of convention. Inspired by the 2004 “Unstaged” installation of a robot and a ring, where Atelier Ted Noten set a full size industrial robot alongside a safe in an Amsterdam gallery with the function of protecting and presenting one wonderful ring. “Lady Killer Vol.1” allows the robot protector concept to be carried into your own home, your own office, your own gallery or wherever she decides. A powerful looking miniature robot created by the latest 3D printing technologies sits inside a robust transparent box with museum polished finish. For him the robot could rest there forever, protecting. But one day he’ ll decide to open the lid, for her…. He pushes the button and the custom made electronics pulse the robot into life. It rises slowly but purposely, rotates a second arm and turns towards her. The “Lady Killer” ring, in full view now is spun around one way and then the other, in front of her eyes. Finally it extends, offering her the ring.
Will she take it?


laik – applause

laik – heart

Story Time

Ordinarily a clock is an instrument used to indicate, keep, and co-ordinate time. Commonly it is understood to tell the time. Time is universally accepted as part of a besturing system used to sequence events. The earth rotates about it’s axis once per day; a day is a sequence of 24 hours, a clock reports this 24 hour sequence numerically.
Story Time by Atelier NL with Laikingland isn’t an ordinary clock, it doesn’t tell the time as a sequence of 24 hours. It tells a story, a sequence of events. Story Time is a wonderful wall mounted time-piece created to question our perceptions of time. To celebrate 50 years of Salone del Mobile, AtelierNL with Laikingland will take the narrative theme of Story Time a step further. The time-piece is no longer scripted to tell a story, but rather the text is an invitation to the viewer, an invitation to tell their own story. “What’s your story?” is printed on the Story Time ribbon in 50 different languages. Through the course of a day the ribbon moves from one reel of the time piece to the other reel and the viewer is questioned “What’s your story?” in the different languages of the world, English to Dutch to Arabic to Italian to Chinese to Spanish to Korean and so on.


laik – liquorice

laik – party

laik – wall




Laikingland is a creative collaboration, based in both the UK and The Netherlands, who design and manufacture beautifully crafted kinetic objects that engage, and evoke a sense of play and nostalgia. The company was founded in 2008 and is built upon a life long friendship between artist, Martin Smith and engineer, Nick Regan. Since it’s inception Laikingland has specialised in producing highly crafted limited editions, working closely with invited artists and designers to realise their kinetic ideas. Alongside their products, Laikingland also regularly carry out projects to create one-off, special edition and exclusive kinetic objects and displays.