When it comes to holidays how many times did you have to decide what to leave behind? Isn’t this the hardest time especially when you run out of space and see yourself obliged to make a choice? Finally we always get the things we like the most and perhaps it’s a great idea to show them in public as well. Jolien Hanemaaijer has the best solution for you with My Infinite Home Tool.

Two portable objects for storage, that have the double function of a suitcase and a show display. You carry them with you or put them down as cabinets. They transport what you need and show what you have chosen to take with you. This project started from the designer’s personal experience of extensive traveling and having to live out of one suitcase. Choices had to be made about what to bring and what to leave behind. While making these choices was hard it also made it possible to get rid of unnecessary things. The important and good items that you decide to bring are the objects that define your identity.

Materials: Beech, leather, metal and elastic bands

Dimensions: 40x21x80cm

Production: Formholz and Hanemaai


Jolien Hanemaaijer



Jolien Hanemaaijer or Hanemaai currently lives in The Netherlands and will be graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, in the department of  Textile Design. He has worked for Henrik Vibskov as an all-round design intern and the chance to help with the collection, prepare and build-up exhibitions as well as travel with them to Paris, and just being a part of ‘Team Vibskov’ has shown  Hanemaai a world of passion and possibilities. The designer uses his work as a way to find answers to questions he has and design products that can serve as a possible solution for him and everyone who feels it too. As a designer he wants to challenge others to think about the meaning of a product and give them room for their own interpretation and use.  Jolien Hanemaaijer sees his work as dream tools for modern-day adventurers, which might help people to see life in various other ways.