Created by projecting self-made graphics onto the model, Skinscapes series is meant to provide an almost purely aesthetic approach to visuality whilst dealing with a subject that outlines the true nature of photography itself. Bálint Rádóczy creates a portfolio of photographies by using projections, a mix and match process that gives a really interesting and unusual outcome.

The way the photographer takes advantage of graphic arts and projections is really astonishing. Bálint Rádóczy finds new ways to expore the creative possibilities of photographs and evolve as a photographer himself. Bálint Rádóczy likes to think of his pictuers as evidence of the obscure. He considers solitude, separation, estrangement as important aesthetic notions.


Bálint Rádóczy



Bálint Rádóczy was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1977. He has adopted an approach to visual arts based on the principles of nature at Ferenc Lantos’ Martyn Ferenc Free School of Arts in Pécs, Hungary, (1992 to 96). He graduated from the University of Szeged in liberal arts, media and communication in Budapest, 2003. He worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency for 3 years. Since 2003  Bálint Rádóczy has made a living as a freelance graphic designer in Pécs, Hungary.