Creature Collective by Supafrank is a collection of interior products and illustrations inspired by curiosities from nature. Follow a journey from initial character sketches to pared-down components that distill the spirit of the original creatures. The few simple components can be constructed using just one tool – a mallet – to make up a stool, a hook, a light and a light pull. The finished products combine quality and durability with a unique personality.

Katie Steel and Vicki Turner (Supafrank) think that great design begins with people: understanding people and how they interact with each other, with products and with brands. Behind their concepts there is a belief that design must have a tangible function, and tangible benefits. Everything is there for a purpose: to contribute to a solution that works for both clients and customers. Creature collective – just like the rest of Supafrank’s concepts – encapsulates the essence of a brand, expressing it through function and aesthetics.





Supafrank is formed by Katie Steel and Vicki Turner: two designers with 20 years’ combined industry experience, gained with major brands like Disney and Jaguar. They first met while studying at University, and then later reunited to form Supafrank in 2010. Although based in London, Supafrank now work with clients all over the world.