‘Great Spaces‘‘ takes extraordinary and ordinary spaces to the limit and beyond. “Great Spaces” is far more than a design show; you’ll find no boring talk about Doric columns or impenetrable conversations about blueprints here. Delaine Isaac is a lover of design, video blogging and presenting. He also decided to become an entrepreneur so that he could inspire people to learn more about spaces, just as the passion for architecture fostered his love of knowledge for it. Great Spaces show invites you to discover and get excited by some of the greatest architectural projects.

This is the exclusive video – Great Spaces “Official Video Trailer” for the upcoming season premiere. Isaac and his team wanted to focus and illustrate entirely on the architecture and art across a photographic point of view where the main subjects are already-built spaces in New York. The trailer goes into that why by tapping into that deep carnal gut emotion that we all get from entering a great, majestic architecture space. People come back to the High Line again and again to take pictures because it’s unique, original and historic. If you do some thinking about why we are all excited, stunned and taken back by a truly great space. You will realize it’s more then creating spaces, it’s about creating memories as well.

Great Spaces’ first season will be shot in documentary/travel style with french coloring and contemporary soundtrack from deadmau5 to Kanye West. It is also going to be a social experiment called, “people season”. So when 1000 fb “likes” are reached, teasers and trailers will be unlocked.

Eight episodes will be released this fall on GSTV, the first episode begins once 2000 fb “likes” are reached. The show will be pitch to TV networks with HGTV host Alexi Panos and Sante Timberlake. Supertacular and Great Spaces join forces and invite everyone to enjoy this great design show. It’s a great pleasure for Supertacular to host Great Spaces design episodes celebrating this way a new era in the Architecture online media. Enjoy!



Delaine Isaac: http://delaineisaac.blogspot.com

Great Spaces: http://www.facebook.com/greatspacespage