It’s no surprise that Pbox is one of the must see places to visit in Athens according to the New York Times; a cosy, modern and stylish all-day restaurant in Kifisia, one of the most beautiful suburbs of the greek capital. Relaxing ambiance coupled with exquisite cuisine makes Pbox a great choice for an exquisite top quality experience.

Pbox – Kifisia

The idea behind the creation of the Pbox eatery was quite simple: a place where you can relax and enjoy good food. A place inspired from New York’s delis, a meeting point where the visitor can enjoy delicious dishes anytime of the day. An eatery that gives the customer the opportunity to look around and see all the ingredients the famous chef Christoforos Peskias uses for the preparation of his famous dishes. The open kitchen invites the visitor to observe and be part of the art of preparation and cooking, a real temptation when it comes to one of the most famous greek chefs.

Pbox – Periscope Hotel Kolonaki


Pbox was named after the last names of its owners, Peskias and Pissiotis, as well as the shape and size of the restaurant. Andreas Kourkoulas and Maria Kokkinou – the architects behind the concept – designed a warm and relaxing place, a “box” that despite its size makes guests feel comfortable and welcome. The menu is based on the Greek cuisine with  Italian, French and asiatic influences whilst there is a great wine variety to accompany and underline the exquisite taste of chef Peskia’s dishes. The whole concept turned out to be very successful and the need for a second box was just a matter of time.  The second Pbox eatery, designed by architect Thodoris Zoumboulakis, opened in Periscope Hotel in Kolonaki right in the center of the town.


Pbox eatery


Λεβίδου 11, Κηφισιά

Χάρητος 22, Κολωνάκι