A canadian firm, Patkau Architects designed the Winnipeg Skating Shelters a really stylish way to keep the ice skating lovers safe and marm. Thanks to the two-ply flexible plywoods which is their basic material, the Skating Shelters can easily take any form. An important advantage when it comes to designing a modern and most importatly aerodynamic structure. Their conical form provides refuge from the wind and the low temperatures whilst its upper part is open in order to allow natural light to pour in.

The architects’ proposal consists of a cluster of intimate shelters, each accommodating only a few people at a time. They stand with their backs to the wind like buffalo, seeming to have life and purpose as they huddle together shielding each other from the elements. Together, the shelters create dynamic solar and wind relationships that shift according to specific orientation, time of day and environmental circumstance.


Source: www.patkau.ca