Ale lamp by Jaim Telias is made of  gold and wooden parts that can be easily assembled. The contrast between the two colors creates an interesting effect,  an eye-catching object that can change shape in order to meet different interior design needs. The idea to use many leafs of different size gives the opportunity to adjust the size and form of this pendant lamp making it ideal for any space.



Jaim Telias is interested in developing products that are able to determine flexible structures and simple shapes, as to allow people to interact with them. In this sense, materials are decisive elements of the project, and his research is deeply based on new experimentations and original solutions. With their owncharacter, his products are simple and minimalist, with a dissonance.


Jaim Telias



Jaim Telias has lived between Chile and Israel until he was eighteen years old. He graduated at Industrial Design in Jerusalem and in 2006 he won a master degree in Interior Architecture at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Rome; since then he has been living in Italy. Between 2007 and 2009 he collaborated with Massimiliano Fuksas in several design and interior projects. Among which Carolina, Poltrona Frau long chair, the interior of Benetton Palace in Rome and the Armani/5th Avenue staircase in NY. In 2009 he’s started teaching at IED as lecturer at Interior design department and he established Jaim Telias studio as well.