Growing Light by Jordy Rooijakkers is a light that imitates natural behaviour just like a flower. This concept has a mechanism similar to the flowers’ reaction which respond and grow towards the light by opening their petals during the day whilst they close up at night. Using OLED Technology the growing light blows every time we touch it and will open or close depending on the current state.

Flowers are reacting to light or temperature changes making the inner surfaces of a flower’s petals grow. So when the temperature or light goes down, the outer surfaces grow faster than the inner ones, making the flower close. In the case of Growing light there is an inner mechanism that reacts to human touch. A light that blows nicely just like a beautiful flower, a really “natural” way to iluminate your space.


Growing Light from Jordy Rooijakkers on Vimeo.

Growing Light – Building & Testing from Jordy Rooijakkers on Vimeo.


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