Located close to the Inquisitor’s Palace in Malta, Indulgence Divine is a boutique accommodation that brings together contemporary design and history combining bespoke pieces of furniture and graffiti of ships and boats dating back a couple of centuries in what used to be the house chapel, now the bedroom. The design is simple, relying on form and punctuated by vibrant colours.
Indulgence Divine is a 16th century town house, a 450 year old property in the city of Vittoriosa, on the island of Malta, where the Great Siege of 1565 between the Order of St John and the Ottoman Empire was fought and won. The house has been restored with an injection of colour and sensuous design to make it an exciting base from which to explore the rich history of the archipelago. The name of the house takes inspiration from the town’s history of religion and excess. As Catholic popes dished out indulgences, this place is meant to offer indulgences of a different nature, a piece of heaven.

Vittoriosa is both a historically significant town as well as antropologically fascinating. Before the arrival of the Knights,Vittoriosa already attracted those who controlled the shipping lanes in the Middle Sea. Its Castle of St Angelo dominated the harbour in ancient times but already the Pheonicians are said to have built a temple to Astarte before 550BC. The harbour was also what lured the Carthaginians who left behind the foundation of the Maltese language. The Arabs, Normans and Spaniards all had some connection with the town as have the Order of St John.


Source : www.indulgencedivine.com