ix years after the opening of the HI hotel, design hotel in Nice, Philippe Chapelet and Patrick Elouarghi invite you in Nefta, south of Tunisia, for new experience. They once again chose the designer matali crasset to conceive and create the project. DARHI is the fruit of this collaboration, a contemporary accommodation between guest house and charm hotel, at the frontier of the desert and close to the city.

DAR HI is located in the historic centre of Nefta town, south of Tunisia at the frontier of the desert between Chott El Jerid and dunes of sand. Nefta is famous for its location in a natural geological site and also for the thousands of palm trees with dates that are appreciated worldwide: the Deglet Nour dates. The architecture of the houses is typical with walls made of whole bricks that have a distinctive ochre colour. Roofs and house doors are made of palm wood. It is not surprising that this particular location has inspired a large number of movie directors, for example: Star Wars and the English Patient were filmed in the Nefta desert. The number of inhabitants hasn’t increased for the last century and amounts to 22000 people. The site facing South and West has an exceptional view upon the oasis, the village and the dry salted lake Chott El Djerid known for its mysterious and amazing sunsets. Everything is conceived to enhance Nefta’s charm. DARHI is a protective haven, a retreat from the world’s hassle but also open to local life, landscape, natural rhythm.

Dar HI proposes 4 different concepts for 17 rooms.

The areas that compose DARHI have different orientations therefore a different panorama (city, desert, oasis…) and a specific type of interaction with life within the hotel (interior terrace, swimming pool, hammam…). Depending on the guests’ needs the DARHI offers various options of  hosting between traditional houses or rooms of different style.


Source: www.dar-hi.net