Ora-ïto has cre­at­ed «UFO» which is in­spired by an icon­ic car from Cit­roën. The DS mod­el com­mon­ly used by the presi­dent is now en­rolled in­to the «ge­net­ic trans­for­ma­tions” from Ora-Ito artis­tic vi­sion. The ve­hi­cle is based on the fu­ture of tran­s­port mixed with one of the most fa­mous cars in the world. UFO sculp­ture al­lies the dream to the for­mal, the fu­ture to the tech­nol­o­gy. The idea to work with sev­er­al en­ti­ties al­lows all the «ge­net­ic trans­for­ma­tions « to spread a uni­ver­sal mes­sage to the car in­dus­try through his artis­tic vi­sion and new di­rec­tions nev­er in­vesti­gat­ed be­fore.

A car that comes from the future, a spaceship on wheels is one of Ito Morabito’s (ora- ito)  most innovating concepts.  The inspiration comes from older Citroen’s models and more specifically Traction Avant, although in a totally different “package”. Curves have been redesigned and technology is present in both outside and inside the vehicle, a redefinition of  what we knew till now as mode of transport.






Born in 1977, this icon­o­­clas­tic artist be­­came glob­al­­ly fa­­mous at the end of the 90’s by hi­­jack­­ing in 3D the prod­ucts of the most em­ble­m­at­ic and in­­ter­­na­­tio­n­al brands such as Vuit­­ton, Ap­­ple, Nike and Bic … Fur­ther­­more to nu­mer­ous publi­­ca­­tions in the press, the fic­­tion turned in­­­to the re­al­i­­ty. When cus­­tomers tried to purchase th­ese imag­i­­nary prod­ucts the or­ders flood­­ed Ora-Ïto’s web site. This be­­came the se­­cond dig­i­­tal works ev­er ac­quired by the Na­­tio­n­al Funds of Con­tem­po­rary Art (FNAC). Dur­ing the year 2000, Ora-Ïto ded­i­­cat­ed him­­self to his own stu­­dio and the cre­a­­tion of re­al prod­ucts, by de­vel­op­ing transver­sal pro­­jects of near­­ly all the busi­­ness sec­­tors of de­sign, ar­chi­tec­­ture, com­­mu­ni­­ca­­tion, and so on. Ora-Ïto launch­ed the world­wide pre­miere in Milan an unu­su­al ex­pe­ri­ence based on the ge­net­ic trans­for­ma­tions. On the edge of the hy­poth­e­sis and con­tem­po­rary art, Ora-Ïto pre­sented hy­brid ob­jects as­so­ci­at­ed to the re­search and in­no­va­tion de­part­ment of the dy­nas­tic Cit­roën.

Source: www.ora-ito.com