In her newest collection, which debuted at Amsterdam International Fashion Week on Thursday, July 13, designer Winde Rienstra demonstrated her fascination for structure and space. The spacial aspect of her designs seeks to explore the ambiguity between clothing and objects, and the collection is a vision that seeks to capture the essence of a being in a higher state of awareness.

We are all made of the same energy, yet each person radiates this energy in a unique way – like the singularity of one’s fingerprint.  And when insight, inspiration, and enlightenment overcome one’s still inner center, time freezes.  In this collection, form and shape embody the strong, yet invisible energy surrounding a meditating human being.  Winde’s collection illustrates the essence of the human personality through a playful meditation on body and object and a visualization of the strong tension between them. Its goal is to capture the feeling of enlightenment and make it tangible. Often, a human being uses an outer shell to protect itself; it is their winter coat that shields them from the negative energy that might freeze or harm the soul.

As the different aspects of a person require different perspectives, we will never be able to fully comprehend one another, but this gives us the freedom of interpretation, where the possibilities of our imaginations are endless. Layers, transparencies, energy, brainwaves, vibrations, meditation & the spirit, calmness, still center, perception of space, time and movement, dynamic growth, imaginative journey.

Photos by Peter Stigter