From a scientifical point of view Luminescence is an emission of light by a substance not resulting from heat but from an artistic point of view it is a quite interesting way to explore light itself. Michael Taylor is  playing with the light in an attempt not only to discover its unique characteristics but also to offer a  totally unique perspective of this element.

Luminescence by Michael Taylor, primarily investigates light using electroluminescent (EL) wire.  A current is passed through a copper wire causing the surrounding phosphor coating to emit light.  The wire was wrapped around/within custom-made costumes worn by the model.  The model’s movements were then recorded, introducing a kinetic element. Images were also made using opaque and transparent mannequins. Michael Taylor intents to combine the abstract with a human presence.

In the Lumen series the topic of investigation is light itself.  It is a lifetime project in which various aspects of light are explored in separate bodies of work.  Taylor’s aim is to let light reveal itself. Throughout history the phenomenon of light has always fascinated people. This is what some people have said about it:

Grosseteste: “Light is beautiful in itself, for its nature is simple and all of it is there at once. Wherefore it is integrated in the highest degree and most harmoniously proportioned and equal to itself, for beauty is a harmony of proportions.” (From: Eco, Umberto.  The Aesthetics Of Thomas Aquinas.  Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. 1988, p.109)

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy: “Photography is Light Architecture.” (From: Moholy-Nagy, Laslo. “Fotografie ist Lichtgestaltung, Bauhaus, 2/1, 1928, p.1)

James Turrell: “Light is not so much something that reveals, as it is itself the revelation.” (From: Zajonc, Arthur. Catching The Light: The Entwined History Of Light And Mind.  London: Bantam Press, 1993, p.324)

Michael Taylor’s next project is to explore other aspects in the future:









Photo Synth


Light itself is the revelation.


Michael Taylor



Born in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, 1963.





MA Fine Art : University of Ulster, Belfast,  1990-1991.


BA Design (1st. Class Hons.) : University of Ulster, Belfast,  1987-1990.


MSc Computer Science : Queen’s University, Belfast,  1986-1987.


BSc Zoology : Queen’s University, Belfast,  1981-1985.






Selected Prints,  Debut Contemporary,  Notting Hill, London

September – December 2011

Four Floors, MadArt Gallery, Dublin (Photo Ireland Festival)

July 2011


Odyssey Pavilion, Belfast,  2003

Images Of Dance

Three floors of the Waterfront Hall, Belfast,  March/April 1998


IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art),  Dublin,  September 1991

Slaughterhouse Gallery, Clerkenwell, London,  October 1991