Obscur is a swedish brand built on a self-evident principle regarding the design – a garment’s true value can only be fully recognized when it is being worn. Designer Richard Söderberg creates the clothes after absorbing the spirit of the dark and misty landscapes of his home country. his deep love of dark scandinavian music is also of great inspiration and has been translated into the garments.

Obscur is not about being drawn to extremes, but rather an urge to refine classic silhouettes to perfection. honest and powerful expression reveals the true design behind the garments, so minimal styling is required. achieving a pure esthetic can be difficult as there are many elements to consider. Richard is to some extent trying to create all-round key garments that can easily worn by different personalities to create the perfect balance of an outfit. the world is constantly changing, but obscur’s raw and straightforward view on beautiful garments, however, not something that can be compromised on.

Rectangular shapes have been defied in order to postulate and challenge the human silhouette. For this AW 12 collection, OBSCUR explores the rigidity of proportional craftsmanship. Lines have been faded, lengths are maliciously illusive and endings allude to beginnings. Shapes become subject to alteration whilst the immaculate clean surface structure, allows recondite bearers to cover their bodies with a minimal need of garments. The treated outsides, subjected to sterile experimental treatment furthermore allude to protective soberness and recoiled perseverance. Shrouded from mundane distractions, the OBSCUR AW12 garments allow the upper and lower body to vanish underneath distorted, sterile coverings that maintain obdurate proportions and a continuous writhed momentum.

The trademark quality leathers have been carefully treated, whilst some have been subjected to adamant barren practices, in order to obtain a firmly static structure. Incorporate wires allow bearers to twist and distort undefined shapes, their hands functioning as the occult conductors of their twisted spines. Under the sober shell stripped of all unnecessary detailing, the inner layers, fused by magnetic buttons, remain invisible on the outside. The stern clean shapes and dark colour palette of the AW12 collection allude to quintessential soberness, where armour inspired pieces cover our frail skin entirely. Sunk below such protective layers, one may bear pivotal elements in hidden pockets, kept neatly underneath the shelled surface. Veiled and disguised from external elements by stern high collars, attached gloves and astute neck covers, the garments aim to guise our entire body solidly.



Source: www.obscur.se