Pneumatic Anatomica by Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny‘s toys are not ordinary dolls. These toy dolls are made in such a way so that you can see much more than you should expect. It’s more like an anatomic study of a toy as you can see both the exterior and the interior part of it. One of these toys, the balloon animal anatomy schematic “Pneumatic Anatomica” back in 2007  made him famous and launched his career as an artist.  The rest is history…



Always a curious mind Jason never stopped experimenting and finding new forms of expression. His toys offer a unique way to become a child again, experiment and rediscover their world but from an adult’s perspective this time.  His talent and experience not only as a designer but also as an illustrator set his carrer into higher levels. He was invloved in several projects in which he had the opportunity to collaborate with different studios until he found his way as one of the most famous toy designers.




Jason Freeny



Jason was born in Silver Spring MD 1970 and currently lives just outside New York City. From HS he moved to Brooklyn NY to attend the Pratt Institute where he majored in Industrial Design and product design. Out of school he first landed a job with a studio where he produced props for television, prototypes, and murals for restaurants and high end residential homes. There was lots of international travel involved and it was a very exciting time. Jason took on a position at MTV Networks around 1999 where he designed production sets for special events throughout Viacom as well as continued to create props and specialty items for on air use.

He took on his first toy job about 3 years later at a small design studio. This was also around the time where he began to freelance illustrate for magazines as well as create his own artwork. This is when he caught the “toy bug”… He jumped around several design positions mostly targeting the emerging mobile market for the next few years but was secretly planning his own personal art career on his downtime. In 2007 Jason created his balloon animal anatomy schematic “Pneumatic Anatomica” which took off on the internet and launched his career as a fine artist. Things began to take off from that point. He introduced the sculpture aspect of the designs in 2010 as well as developing several mass market toys soon to hit shelves early this year (2012).