Plates by Sergei Didyk

Plates by Serhei Didyk



If you feel inspired and ready to spread your wings then you should consider participating in the Α’ Design Award & Competition. Designers from all over the world are invited to register their projects in one of the most prestigious Design competitions in the world. The A’ Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators, and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of media, publishers, and buyers. The competition aims to highlight existing products and designs which were developed with a good taste of design, to increase the publicity of good products and good designs, to provide designers and companies a solid excuse to shout-out that they have a good product, good design. 

The A’ Design Award is a great opportunity for designers to have a jump in their careers as it offers extensive marketing services to make use of the success of winning the award. The winning designs are also exhibited in Italy through the temporary MOOD: Museum of Design. Winners of the Award will have extensive press appearances, press release preparation, and distribution. 





The A’ Design Award and Competition is organized and awarded annually and covers a wide range of categories. Although there are some design award categories which are relatively more competitive than others due to a higher number of participants, however the competition gives the opportunity to many participants from different areas to show their talent . There is a variety of fields, from Architecture, Photography and Industrial Design to Fashion, Arts, and Photography. In case you have any doubts whether your concept is entitled to participate in the competition, then you should check the A’ Design Award and Competition categories here.


Rising Moon by Mr Siu Kwok Kin Stanley

Rising Moon by Mr Siu Kwok Kin Stanley




Winning the A’ Design Award & Competition is an independent and expert appraisal for reputation and brand image. Taking part in the A’ Design Award & Competition provides valuable feedback and experience. A’ Design Award winners proudly display their exclusive award trophies and design excellence certificates which grants them prestige and expert status. The winners apart from the free participation and space allocation in the winners’ exhibition, they also get free sales listing at SaloneDelDesigner, free utilization of DesignMediator services, a yearbook and publicity as well as networking in the gala-night ceremony.

These are just some of the benefits of winning in the A’ Design Award & Competition. In case you need further info about the privileges offered to winners of A’Design Award & Competition then you should check here. 




Kagome by Shinn Asano

Kagome by Shinn Asano


The jury is formedn by 173 leading Designers, prominent Academics, and influential Press Members. It is actually the world’s largest and most influential Design Award jury, creating benefit and value for participants by transferring their insights and ideas in form of votes, feedbacks, and suggestions.

So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time for you to participate! You can do so at this link.

If you still have questions or need more information about the A’ Design Award & Competition, you can find everything you need here.

Deadline for regular submissions is September 30th. Results will be announced to the public on April 15th and will be published on Supertacular!