Solar Egg – More than a sauna Public sauna by Futurniture and Bigert & Bergström


A’ Design Award competition has been running since 2010 as a new way of methodology compared to the existing design competitions. Most of the competitions were mostly focused on the profit and prizes and they used to provide the minimum feedback possible as for the results. Moreover, their scoring system lacked standards and as a result, it was almost impossible to understand and measure any possible achievements.


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Entries are open for architects and designers to submit projects for the A’ Design Award and Competition.

Deadline for submission is February 28th. Results will be announced to public on April 15th. You can nominate your design here.





A’ Design Award and Competition is the world’s largest design competition in search for the best designs, concepts, and products. The A’ Design Competition is an annual competition and participants from around the globe may be accepted. The submissions on behalf of the contestants can be either prototypes or even ideas/concepts still on the MVP stage. The scope of the competition is to create the necessary buzz and offer publicity to the designers/competitors so that they have the opportunity to show their ideas to the public and the rest of the world get to know them.

The A’ Design Award is not just another competition, it is a benchmark of quality in design. Winning the A’ Award is a certificate of excellence for designers, a proof of quality for companies. Having the A’ Award attracts the eyes of design oriented audiences, companies and professionals worldwide.




A’ Design Award and Competition Categories

This competition attracts the best design from around the globe and it gives the chance to the participants to propose their designs in more than one fields of design like the following ones:

• Good Industrial Design Award

• Good Architecture Design Award

• Good Product Design Award

• Good Communication Design Award

• Good Service Design Award

• Good Fashion Design Award

If you are interested in learning more about the Design award categories, please check the full list.


Benefits to A’ Design Award Winners
Winning A’ Design Award & Competition, which is an independent and expert appraisal for design, contributes to corporate reputation and brand image. Taking part in the A’ Design Award & Competition provides valuable feedback and experience.

Winning A’ Design Award bestows many benefits and privileges to the awarded participants: In addition to the award winners’ kit which includes the award trophy, the winners get the annual yearbook, a printed certificate in metal frame, an award winners manual, a free gala-night invitation for two people to the award ceremony, a free participation and space allocation in the winners’ exhibition and free sales listing at SaloneDelDesigner.




The winners also get free utilization of DesignMediator services, inclusion in BuySellDesign Network, guaranteed publication through IDNN and DXGN Networks to 100+ magazines including Design Interviews & DM Design Magazine, press release preparation and distribution through DesignPRWire, publicity and visibility through DesignMedia communications, feedbacks, judging and evaluation of entries by a respected jury panel and so much more.




Grand Jury Panel

It is really important for a competition to have a good jury panel who will use an extensive methodology, in order to evaluate the submitted entries. A prestigious jury is a valuable asset for the competition as it creates benefit and value for participants by transferring their expertise and ideas to the contestants. In the A’ Design Award competition, entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and media members following a peer-review process with anonymous voting and evaluation. Jury panels shall be comprised of recognized but most importantly experienced international designers, professors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and publishers.

There is a code of conduct that every jury member must follow: sign a jury agreement,  and also excluded from taking part in the competition.  In addition, to avoid conflicts of interest, the jurors may not be employees of the participating companies. Furthermore to create further value to participants, the A’ Design Award and Competition introduced a  prejudging phase which is called preliminary evaluation and checking during which participants can get insights about their work before they participate into the finals.





There are 4 categories for the winning designs and entries after being judged based on various criteria they can claim any of the following:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

The level of quality and submissions is extremely high therefore the contestants are challenged to focus on innovation, brand awareness, and product differentiation in order to be able to stand out.



Deadline for regular submissions is September 30th. A selection of results will be published at Supertacular on April 15th.

If you are a designer and you want to nominate your project in order to participate in the competition, please Register Here.


For any further information, please visit A’ Design Awards & Competition.