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Photography articles

Paul Graves

Paul Graves is a talented photographer who is responsible for some of the most succesfull advertising campaigns. His rather unusual and original work has been presented in world’s greatest fashion magazines as he is a photographer who manages to reinvent famous brands and make their products objects of desire.

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A supertacular interview with Damien Blottiere

Damien Blottiere is much more than a talented photographer. He has a unique style, a combination of collage and photography that makes his work so distinguishable, so special. An ode to the human body which is transformed through a “cut and paste” process into extraordinary, breath taking images.

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Robert Bartholot

Stories, nightmares, desires, fears, death…. negative or positive emotions take the form of images in hands of Robert Bartholot. Every shot has a story to tell, a narration of a man’s deepest thoughts coming to surface. Images that help you capture emotions and memories, images that touch you deeply within your soul.

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Liquid perfection by Shinichi Maruyama

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Shinichi Maruyama’s photos are a combination of Japanese culture and advanced technology, photos that capture the moment in a creative, unique way. An artist who finds new ways to visualize beauty and stimulate feelings you have never felt before.

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